Published Clinical research

Mescaline Cacti

Mescaline-containing cacti are a sacred plant sacrament used for thousands of years with benefits including treatment of alcoholism.

July 13, 2021

Scientific Reports

Associations between lifetime classic psychedelic use and cardiometabolic diseases

March 23, 2021

ACS Pharmacology

Naturalistic Use of Mescaline Is Associated with Self-Reported Psychiatric Improvements and Enduring Positive Life Changes

July 16, 2021

Frontiers in Psychiatry

Cross-Sectional Associations Between Lifetime Use of Psychedelic Drugs and Psychometric Measures During the COVID-19 Confinement: A Transcultural Study

March 25, 2021

Frontiers in Pharmacology

Psychedelic Communitas: Intersubjective Experience During Psychedelic Group Sessions Predicts Enduring Changes in Psychological Wellbeing and Social Connectedness

October 15, 2005

Biological Psychiatry

Psychological and Cognitive Effects of Long-Term Peyote Use Among Native Americans

October 3, 2005

Journal of Ethnopharmacology

Prehistoric peyote use: Alkaloid analysis and radiocarbon dating of archaeological specimens of Lophophora from Texas


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